Zenit! Zenit! Zenit! (22 June)

We went to the Zenit soccer game this evening. It was quite an interesting experience. First, the stadium has a moat around it. With police boats in it. Apparently Petersburgians really love some soccer… enough to attempt to swim to the stadium.


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Second, there were Russian SWAT vans outside. Third, there were at least three layers of security. And I’m not talking “You can’t bring outside food or beverage in” security, I’m talking “Stand still while I pat you down” security. The fourth and probably most interesting (read, concerning) thing was that there were riot police around the section with the Kuban fans (the away team). Now as a rugby player, I’m not really a fan of soccer. It’s not a contact sport and the moment someone bats an eyelash the team drama major is rolling around on the ground like he’ll never walk again. That being said, my favorite part of the game took place not on the field, but in the stands. A player kicked a particularly poorly-aimed homerun into the section next to where we were seated. Naturally, the guy that caught the ball wanted to keep it. NOPE. That tiny mullet-sporting ball boy was on it. He quickly alerted security and several minutes and police officers later the guy handed over the ball.
Fascinating stuff. The game eventually ended … Google tells me the score was 1-0, with Zenit taking the win.

Эй, Зенит, давай вперед –
Петербург победы ждет! 🙂

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