Mariinsky Ballet (26 June)


Yesterday, we had the privilege of going to see a ballet at the famous Mariinsky Theater! The ballet showcased three acts. The first, an under-the-sea-esque themed ballet had a story line that was a bit difficult to follow. Perhaps it was because my focus was more on the dancers and the way their elaborate costumes sparkled under the stage lights. Or maybe my attention was more on the male equivalent of the Prima Ballerina… his leg muscles were the actual size of his female counterparts entire body.

The second act seemed to be a bit more contemporary and showcased duets, gypsy dances, and even a circus like act. The third and final act came in the form of the traditional ‘Swan Lake’ scene where Odette and Prince Seigfried fall in love.

During a Dance Appreciation course I took my freshmen year, I thought my professor and the passion she oozed for the Mariinsky Theater was a bit over the top. However, after hustling into the theater, I found it very hard not to be dazzled and enchanted by its golden architecture and rich history.

Even if you do not think you are a fan of ballet, or maybe you have just watched The Black Swan and don’t want to be a fan of ballet (..or Natalie Portman for that matter), the Mariinsky Theater is sure to draw you in with it’s artful decadence.

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