Lunch at a Restaurant co-owned by a Willam and Mary Alum (26 June)

After the ballet at the Mariinsky we stopped by a restaurant across the street from the Mariinsky Theater.  It was about 3 pm. and we went for a late lunch there.  As it turns out, the restaurant is co-owned by a William and Mary alum who used to study Russian at William and Mary in the late 1980s.  in the early 1990s he came to Russia as an employee of the children’s charity organization Operation Smile.  Later he opened his own business, an Irish Pub, across the street from the green building of the Mariinsky Theater.  Since there were no Irish pubs in St. Petersburg at the time, his venture became a great success.  In addition to the usual things they serve at an Irish pub, this pub offers a wide variety of local and Western dishes ranging from the Russian borscht to a good American hamburger.  We definitely had a good lunch there 🙂  

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