My First Date in Russia! (July 6)

Today was a great day! I started the morning by showing up to the RIGHT room for class for the FIRST time this week. In my largely Korean/Chinese-middle aged-men class, a new student arrived! An americansky from New Mexico! Who knew people actually lived in New Mexico? Buttttt I’ll take it! After a successful morning, I ventured over to Nevskii Prospekt which is always an ordeal because the bus is usually full of grown smelly men who have never heard of the words ‘personal’ or ‘space’- let alone the two words put together… BUT today my bus was just full of children with mullets, (which always makes me happy) who on their way to a field trip. When I got to the Aurora Theater on Nevskii, my next challenge was overcome when I asked the worker for 3 tickets to the Selena Gomez movie, Monte Karlo. And I say ‘challenge overcome’ because a) I actually left with tickets and b) when I asked the worker for them, she didnt look at me as though I had the word ‘AMERICAN’ tattooed to my forehead (and if you’ve heard my russian accent, you;d understand why this was a BIG moment!).

Later this evening was my date to the Aurora with my host Momma! And by date I mean Me, Raisa, Megan, Natasha (Raisa’s Granddaughter), Sasha, and Jes. It was just a quaint little date for 6! …7 if you include Selena Gomez. And disclaimer- I left it up to my host Momma to choose the movie and in her words ‘I really want to see that movie’…so we did. Allllll 6 of us!

Although I’d love to just take my host Momma on dates all the time, there was a point to this.. My research project focuses on the differences between the power of cinema between Soviet Times and now. My documentary has a focus on the movie goer experience and their feelings towards cinema but also, the rich history of the Aurora Theater, as it is a theater that resonates in the hearts of St. Petersburgians.

For my documentary I got to film Raisa traveling to and from the cinema and conducted an interview after the film. The highlights of my footage include: the creepy looks I got from people who thought I was just stalking an old lady, Raisa blowing me kisses as we walk down the street, Raisa telling me that she liked Monte Karlo but her favorite movie is Gone with the Wind. She really just cant get any cuter.

A big thanks to Sasha and Jes for being there for me today! To Megan, for being such a trooper of a partner which includes her bringing her backpack. To Natasha, you were a great surprise interview! To Raisa, for being the best Host Momma I could hope for. And lastly, to whoever stuck around long enough to read this HUGE post.



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