July 8th: Two Holidays to Celebrate :)

One of us has a birthday today.  Sophie Kosar turned 19 and we went to our favorite Russian pies restaurant Stollie to celebrate the occasion.  С днём рождения Софи 🙂

And what a lucky coincidence Russians have their own holiday on this day– The Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness.  This holiday honors Saints Peter and Fevroniya and was created in 2008 to help revive the authority of the family as an institution in post-communist Russia.

In the 13th century, Prince Peter of Murom married a peasant girl named Fevroniya. Their devoted love and strong bond made them the perfect example of a happy union and they became the Patron Saints of Marriage. They were so in tune with each other, they even perished on the same day, at the exact same time. Although they were buried in separate graves, they were miraculously found together the next day. Even after death, they refused to be apart. Today their sacred tomb is kept inside the Trinity Cathedral in the city of Murom in central Russia.

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