Interviewing Every Day (June 29 – July 22)

This summer each W&M student is doing two projects: a research paper and a documentary film about the chosen site of memory.  The projects range from the historical Nevsky Prospekt (Megan Donesky) to the futuristic Gazprom Tower (Alex McGrath).

Students work in teams of two helping each other to conduct interviews and shoot b-roll footage. Professor Jes Therkelsen works with each student helping them to plan their film projects, conduct interviews, use effectively microphones and cameras. Here is a couple of snapshots taken in the midst of the interviews by Professor Therkelsen.  The caption for each photograph is by Jes Therkelsen as well.

Ashby Gaines and Megan Doneski interview the marketing director of the Aurora theater inside the historic Aurora Theater on Nevsky Prospect. Ashby gaines is conducting research and producing a film concerning the theater’s history and it’s shift from soviet cinema to international cinema after the fall of the soviet union.

Caitlin Oakley and Monika Bernotas interview artist Sergei Kovalsky about his art and the non-comformist art center ‘Pushkinskaya-10’ in st. petersburg. Monika Bernotas is doing research and producing a film concerning non-comformist art in St. Petersburg.
Saint Petersburg University student Maria Nefedova, with W&M students Sophie Kosar and Alex McGrath interview Pyotr Zabirokhin from Petersburg-based NGO Living City concerning the controversial construction of the Gazprom Tower in St. Petersburg. Alex McGrath is doing research and producing a film concerning the social outcry over the city’s decision to construct a huge skyscraper in the middle of St. Petersburg for Gazprom’s main corporate headquarters.
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Professor Jes Therkelsen, Sophie Kosar, and Alex McGrath shoot b-roll for Sophie’s research project about the new passenger port in St. Petersburg.

About Jes Therkelsen

Jes Therkelsen is the Teaching Environmental Filmmaker-in-Residence at the College of William and Mary.
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