KINOFORUM: WM Students Attend the New International Film Festival (July 10 – 15)

In 2010 a group of Petersburg filmmakers and critics announced the birth of a new international film festival in St. Petersburg.  It is called KINOFORUM.  The festival has two competition programs: BEST OF THE BEST (the competition of award-winning films of the major international film festivals) and THE NEW TERROTORIES (competition that opens new topics, names, styles, and tendencies).

We attended press-conferences, round-tables, and screenings.  Ashby Gaines and Megan Doneski also interviewed the manager of one of the major movie theaters where the festival screenings are held about the significance of the festival for the movie theater and distribution of domestic and international films in the city.  This interview will be a part of their documentary films about the Aurora movie theater and Nevsky Prospekt.

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